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Intercultural Business Consultant

As an Intercultural Business Consultant Frank often travelled the globe meeting clients, but he settled in Turkey over 10 years ago after meeting his wife. After relocating he was a stranger in a foreign country but passionate to learn about Turkish culture and food, and keen to explore all the country had to offer.

After a time, he himself became a ‘local’, and soon he was putting together recommendations for friends and family who came to visit. They all loved that he had insider knowledge of the most authentic eateries, the hot new places to go for drinks, the best bazaars, and his planning of day trips that always lead to new experiences and unexpected discoveries.

Drawing on his experiences with travelling for work, where he often had only a few hours, or at best a day somewhere, Frank believes that Tripsters should give travellers the opportunity to be able to discover a place with the informed reviews and opinions of people that actually live there, to not travel with ones’ nose stuck in a guide book, or on a tour shunted from one place to the next, visiting the same tourist-traps as everyone else. To have the combination of bespoke suggestions, based on the clients preferences, in an outlined programme that can be fine-tuned and is flexible, so that they can also have the freedom to explore independently and get the very best experience out of the time spent in a new place.

As an Events Specialist based in Turkey, Ece has a foundation of local knowledge and experience of organising events on a small to large scale for a variety of clients and budgets. She believes that the joy and uniqueness of an event relies on the attention to small detail, much like a great holiday does, and she takes great pride in creating memorable experiences and creating trips to treasure.

Ece has been based in Istanbul for 10+ years throughout her career, which has given her an insight into the different areas and offerings of the city – from student hang-outs through to high end restaurants. She is keen that the Tripsters team share actual experiences and answer requests of customers personally, rather than delivering a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.


Events Specialist


Travel Specialist

Although Buse is well travelled, having spent many years working in the hospitality industry, the Aegean Coast is where he feels most at home. A foodie and expert in wine, as well as a trained Archaelogist, Buse leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding new places to dine, visit and shop… and at weekends can often be found in local book and antique stores, sniffing out bargains. With his exacting standards and expert knowledge, Buse makes sure that every recommendation is worthy of being on the Tripsters tally so that customers can be sure of the very best experiences.