Tripsters is a travel planning service that plans your perfect trip, designed on your preferences and what you’re interested in!

Simply answer a few questions and Tripsters will pair you 1-on-1 with your personal travel designer – an area local with insider information about the place you’re looking to travel to!

Your Tripsters specialist will custom-build your dream trip based on your tastes. Cut down on those hours of travel research by leaving the planning to us! This way, you don’t miss out on the best restaurants, sights, shops, activities, hidden gems and treasures found off the beaten path. Recommendations come from our network of top chefs, sommeliers, and local experts.

Requesting a Tripsters plan is easy (we like to keep things that way):

1. Complete our tripsters questionnaire so we can learn more about you and your upcoming trip.
2. Your personal tripsters specialist will reach out to start a conversation about your trip.
3. You’ll receive a draft of your daily travel plan to review and be able to request changes.
4. You take off, worry-free, with everything you need for your trip in iPhone or
Android app or PDF.
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For Istanbul, we offer 2 packages: Discovery and Limited Time. For Urla/Izmir we offer 3 packages: Discovery, Limited Time and Deluxe:
– Tripsters Discovery at €15 per day of your trip if you don’t need reservations or bookings.
– Tripsters Limited Time at €25 for the time-pressured traveller for full-service travel planning
– Tripsters Deluxe at €60 per where a dedicated member of our staff meets you upon arrival and will be available should you need further help during your stay. Your superior personalised programme may include food/wine tasting, sports and other activities, cooking or craft classes, or anything that you wish.

For full pricing details, visit: Urla and Istanbul packages.

Yes! Each itinerary is bespoke – and by that, we mean it’s unique and unlike any other. By considering your personal tastes and preferences, who you’re travelling with, what your budget is, what you’re interested in doing and seeing, dietary restrictions, your ideal pace of travel, and so much more, we craft the perfect holiday just for you.

We guarantee that you’ll have an exceptional experience travelling with us, with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t.
Our team and local scouts take pride in staying up-to-date on the experiences, hotels, and restaurants in the destinations we cover, and our Tripsters specialists are trained in providing the best custom itinerary possible—all so you don’t have to experience the time-consuming hassle of travel planning yourself. Maximum enjoyment, minimum frustration.
Look, mistakes can still happen, and while we only send you to places we’ve thoroughly vetted, researched, and experienced ourselves, travelling has, by nature, some unavoidable uncertainties.
Perhaps the guide for your Istanbul tour felt under-the-weather that day? Or the chef at our go-to Istanbul restaurant had an off-day? While it’s impossible to account for every second of every day, we will take responsibility for any mistakes we make and ensure you are happy on your trip.

  • After requesting a trip, but before answering follow-up questions:
    If you decide you won’t be taking your trip or your plans have changed, we’ll refund you in full. Please allow 5-7 business days after your request for your refund to be processed.
  • After your Tripsters Specialist has sent you lodging options, but before confirming your lodging choice:
    If you decide you don’t want to continue, we’ll refund the total amount you paid less €15 to compensate your Tripsters Specialist for the time s/he has taken to find you personalised lodging recommendations (for Limited time and Deluxe packages, Discovery will be 100% refunded).
  • After your Trip Designer has delivered your Tripsters itinerary, but before your trip:
    Our team will work with you to update and rework your itinerary until you’re happy. If you’re still unsatisfied at the conclusion of the process, we’ll match you with a new Tripsters Specialist who will make sure your itinerary includes everything you’re looking for.
    We’re 100% confident that we can create a travel plan that you’ll be excited for, and we’ll work with you until you’re happy. If you still feel we won’t be able to meet your needs after working with the second Trip Designer, we’ll offer you a 100% refund.
    All we ask is that you hop on a quick 10-15 minute phone call with one of our founders so that we can understand what went wrong (we’re always striving to make improve, you know?). Once we do, we’ll promptly process your full refund (please allow 5-7 business days for your refund to reflect on your credit card statement). Please note that if you do request a refund, you will lose access to your Tripsters itinerary and any reservations we have made on your behalf will be cancelled.
  • Trip cancellations:
    We’re unfortunately unable to refund your planning service fees due to any trip cancellations. If your trip is delayed due to any extenuating circumstances, we are happy to rearrange your itinerary for free. If your trip is postponed for the foreseeable future, let us know when you’re heading there next and we’ll update your itinerary for those new dates—you’ll have access to your itinerary indefinitely!

It’s a question that we hear quite often. Many travellers love the inspirational process of planning their own trips, but here are a few reasons why you should allow us to do it for you!

  1. Planning travel logistics can be really hard: Dreaming up things to do and see is the fun part. But putting it all together and mapping out how far one place is from another, what’s open when, how long to spend in each spot, and whether you’ll need tickets in advance? Not so much. We take all your ideas, from friends’ recommendations to landmarks spotted on Instagram, and optimise
    your time so that you can see it all.
  2.  We’ll save you up to 30 hours (or more): The average person spends 10-30+ hours travel planning – more than a full day! Instead of waiting on hold to nab a restaurant reservation, leave it to us. Carry on living life, saving the world, or just kicking back with a glass of rosé until it’s time to take off.
  3.  Cut through the noise of review sites and connect with an expert – It’s our job to obsess about the latest and greatest spots in Istanbul and Urla/Izmir every day, saving you the hassle of trawling through travel forums and review sites. Why listen to an anonymous person on the internet instead of an expert you can trust who has experience planning hundreds of unique trips in that destination (plus, access to a global network of locals and well-traveled tastemakers)?

Our recommendations come from top chefs and travel experts so you’re never going to miss out on the best things to do on a trip. You can meet some of them here: our experts and team. We hand-select all of our travel and food experts to ensure that their recommendations fit what our discerning travellers are looking for.

Yes! We encourage you to let your Tripsters expert know of any existing plans, must- see sights you have in mind, or visits to friends; houses for dinner. Once you receive your itinerary, you’re welcome to request an edit and update. After all, this is all about you!

Totally. You can let your travel designer know of any existing plans in the “Additional Info” section of your itinerary request, or share that information after you are connected over email.

We do ask that travellers pay our €15, €25, or €60 per day fee upfront to retain our services.

This covers the time your trip designer spends working with you on your itinerary, finding you the right hotel, and organising all your recommendations for you.

For travellers using our Deluxe (Urla/Izmir) service, it also includes the time spent keeping track of when coveted reservations open up, and booking your activities for you. Our flat rate fee also includes up to 1 full round of changes, so you can be sure you’ll get the ideal itinerary for you.

Yes! You’ll be able to tell us what your special occasion is in our travel survey and include details in the “Additional Info” section of the questionnaire, or share these details once you’re connected via email with your travel designer.

Of course, Tripsters covers it all! While we’re super passionate about food (it’s what we personally travel for), beyond recommendations for the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we also include the best must-see sights, activities, hotels, and more for your trip.

Yes. With our Limited Time and Deluxe packages (Urla) our Tripsters specialist team takes care of it all for you — bookings for restaurants, activities with in-destination support for any last minute needs. Voila.

Yes! We’re happy to recommend and make the reservation for the perfect hotel for you (payments and confirmations have to be done by yourself)

We don’t book flights, but we are happy to help you and give you some ideas about getting to and from airports and how to get around

Getting Around in Istanbul – A Tale of Transportation

We currently cover Istanbul and Urla/Izmir (situated on the Aegean Coast) because we believe to cover only what we know best and that is Turkey. Of course we will extend our service to other cities and regions in Turkey. We are happy to receive your suggestions and idea! Email us:contact@tripsters.tips

You can submit just a single request spanning the total number of days you’d like to travel with us. For example, if you’re going to Turkey and want to spend a total of 7 days in the country, you can submit 1 request for Istanbul for your 7-day date-range and include a note in the “Additional Info” section of our questionnaire. You’ll also be able to let your Tripsters specialist know all the details once they reach out via email.

That’s cool with us! In your request, simply plug in just the specific dates you’d like us to plan for. You can let us know of any further details in the “Additional Info” section of the questionnaire. You’ll also be able to inform your Tripsters specialist once he/she reaches out via email.

Requesting a Tripsters trip takes just 2 minutes, but the more information you can take the time to share with us, the better your trip will be. We’ll ask you key questions about your trip details and preferences to ensure we can plan the best trip tailored to you. Whether you’re a see-it-all or leisurely traveller, whether you’re a museum person or not, or whether you’re crazy about craft beer, artisan coffee, or craft cocktails, we’ve got you covered.

Because every itinerary is handcrafted to your unique preferences, please allow up to 3 days for the Discovery and Deluxe packages and 1 day for Limited Time package to receive your individual trip itinerary.

Yes. Whenyour program is complete you willreceive an Email from your Tripsters specialist. Click on “View Your Trip Details” you will be able to view your Trip in our App “Trip Plans”. Once you downloaded the app and your program you will see the option on top “make available offline”. While travelling, turn off your data but keep your WiFi on be able to see your blue location dot on the map.

We stand by our service and recommendations and we work hard to make sure that your experience with Tripsters is wonderful! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our service. Please view our “Terms” guidelines for our policy on refunds.

We’ve done all the legwork in creating Tripsters tips so that it works magically to match the knowledge of our experts with your tastes to craft your perfect trip. Your itinerary is researched and planned by somebody (a human) from our world-class Tripsters tips team. See how it works

Yes! Get in touch with us via contact@tripsters.tips.