About Us

Who we are

As a small group of individuals that often travels for work and leisure, we became bored of having to rely on Lonely Planet guides directing us to the same old tourist traps, or researching locations based on TripAdvisor where we’re all well-aware that the most-visited places are those that get the most reviews and find themselves at the top of the list.

When faced with short stays in certain locations, we often didn’t have the time to figure out if it was worth getting from A to B in a given hour – sometimes the ‘must-see’ attraction was closed when we wanted to visit and we had no idea! So, crazy idea: We wanted to explore like local. That means that we were looking to eat in the best places that those living in the area would know, and to uncover treasures that are off the tourist trail. Basically, we wanted to immerse ourselves in the places we visited so that we could get a unique, authentic experience that was our own.

Each of us believes that everyone should have the opportunity to travel like a local and to get the best experiences, no matter the time they’ve got to spend. That’s the idea that brought us together. Tripsters was born.

Tripsters takes the stress out of planning your holiday or mini-break, providing you with tailor-made itineraries. The Tripsters concept makes travel simpler. Each and every one of our trips is tailored to you – based on your personal preferences, where you’re staying, and how much time you have. Designed by local experts who visit and review each location in your chosen city, our itineraries are completely bespoke.

We look forward to helping you plan your next trip,
The Tripsters Team!