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Travel Inspirations – Urla/Izmir

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I was a bit worried about travelling Turkey, but the Tripsters process meant that it was smooth sailing from the get-go.

- Jeri Weber

We’ve been to Istanbul before but we’ve just been given a fresh perspective!

- Dr. Axel Meyer

We had an outstanding trip that brought us close to the local life and showed us many insights that regular tourists might miss!

- Robert Keller

Some of our Delighted Tipsters Customers.

Ralf and Robert discover Urla

Designer - Buse

Pace - explore like a local

Cities visited - Urla

Robert and Ralf love - local food, nature, hidden gems

Their trip request - Speakeasies, history, delicious food and “only locals know about” sports

We booked a city trip in Urla with Frank from Tripsters. An online plan was provided prior, which was great to look at to get a feel for the place, and upon arrival we had a very friendly welcome from his colleague Buse, who provided us with the details of the city tour. The great thing about it was that is was all within walking distance as requested.

We started with the picturesque antique and ceramics street and we were thrilled by the recommendation where to stop for a Turkish coffee or tea and where to eat the traditional Meze. A visit at the farmers market and the craft-womens market allowed us to taste some specialties and mingle with the locals. I don’t want to mention all the recommendations but we loved every one and had an outstanding trip that brought us close to the local life and showed us many insights that regular tourists might miss. A great experience. Thanks to Frank and Buse and the tripsters team for making this experience as local as it can be!

- Robert

The MecWeb Istanbul Family Vacation

Designer - Ece

Pace - A leisurely explore

Cities visited - Istanbul

What they love when travelling:
We like to wander the streets, stopping here and there, wherever there is interesting food (fresh markets, cafes, etc.), seeing interesting architecture, etc. We do not want to go from one appointed place straight to the next. A mix of culture is good – music, art, and shopping for special unique items is also enjoyed. We really like to see how local people live, where they eat and where they spend time. We want to avoid foods and the normal things that we can find at home.
Their trip request: We like to walk, bike and take public transportation. We love food and the only limitations are that two of us need gluten free items on any menu. I would not set a specific budget for food, but I will say that anyone can spend a lot of money in an expensive restaurant, the fun thing for us to find a place with local flavor, great food and at a fair price.

Their feedback following the trip:
We booked a city trip in Istanbul with Ece from Tripsters for our family of 4. We all really enjoyed the mix of cultural sights, fantastic foods and interesting architecture. Our request for gluten free meals was listened to and taken into account with the fabulous restaurant recommendations we got. Most of all it was great to hit the ground with a plan for each day, but one that allowed us to improvise as we went depending on how we were feeling.
It was our first time in Istanbul and we enjoyed every minute exploring this amazing city; it definitely it will be not our last time. Tripsters is a fantastic tool for experiencing a truly customized plan for what you want to do. This is not an aggregator of TripAdvisor or Yelp reviews. THIS was the best travel planning you will ever use. Highly recommended and imminently affordable. I never thought we’d be planning trips in this way, but Tripsters made the whole experience so much easier.
-The W-Family


Axel´s deep dive in the Turkish Aegean coast

Pace - Surprise me

Cities visited - Urla / Izmir

Their trip request - Speakeasies, history, delicious food and wine and „only locals know about“ spots

Loves - Bike, swim, food, meeting interesting people, good wine, discovery

I find it exciting and rare when I hear of new fun, interesting and cool places to visit that I do not already know. I visited Urla / Izmir before but this time I was looking unique hidden and not so touristic places. Frank and Buse from Tripsters are very good about finding out what really interests me and what I am looking for. They asked questions what exactly I was looking for and I was so pleasantly surprised. The restaurants from basic local cuisine to high-class were amazing and surprising at the same time. I love to be in nature and and sailing trip was organized along hidden bays along the turkish aegean coast aswell as amazing bike tours.

I cant wait to come back. Tripsters is a fantastic tool with real people, no bots for experiencing a truly customized plan for what you want to do.


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